Digital technologies are rapidly changing the way we live.

The internet connects us on a global basis and plays a pivotal role in fields such as healthcare, education, energy, and public safety. We rely on an array of devices - personal computers, tablets and mobile phones - to entertain and inform us. Access to communications networks is essential.

At the center of this enormously complex media universe are thousands of companies offering a dazzling array of products and services. All of them have something in common: their corporate policies and practices play a huge role in determining who has access to media and on what terms.

Open MIC is currently working to:

Guarantee open and affordable internet access for all

Protect individual privacy rights and improve corporate governance standards for online privacy

Increase racial and gender diversity among staff and leadership of media & technology companies

Ensure that data analytics practices are fair, open and transparent

Require due process by corporations in responding to government surveillance requests

Ensure that all people are safe from economic exploitation on the internet