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racial disparities in the workforces of sustainable, responsible and impact (SRI) investing mutual funds

January 2019

This paper, co-authored by Hannah Lucal, Associate Director of Open MIC, examines racial inequities in domestic SRI mutual funds, provides data and charts for racial representation at the board level, money management level, and staff level. The paper concludes with a specific request to all SRI firms, and a selection of resources for people ready to learn more.


China’s Data Localization Rule and the Risks for U.S. Tech Companies

September 2018

This report focuses on China’s Cybersecurity Law but raises questions regarding data privacy beyond China. It aims to highlight the tensions — and critical risks — that companies confront as they weigh the dueling challenges of protecting user privacy while adhering to the laws of the countries where they do business.


Why Smart Companies Must Tread Carefully with Algorithms

April 2018

Investors can be key players in encouraging companies to assess and address the potential impacts of algorithms before they are deployed. The purpose of this report is to highlight the critical issues and challenges posed by the race to score gains in the marketplace through the unseen hands of algorithms and AI.


Fake News, Hate Speech & Freedom of Expression:
Corporate Responsibility in an Age of Alternative Facts

May 2017

This report examined early evidence of the threats posed by deceptive content and hate speech on social media platforms, offering analysis of the legal, reputational and financial risks to companies as well as recommendations for developing greater corporate accountability and transparency regarding these ongoing challenges.

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Investing in Racial Diversity in Tech

February 2017

In addition to underlining the already well-founded business case for racial diversity, this report reviews the systemic problem of racial bias in tech; the failure of existing efforts to effectively address the problem; and the powerful role of investors in holding tech companies accountable for real change.