We promote values of openness, equity, privacy, and diversity for a healthy media economy.

How it works:


We work to identify pressing social justice issues in the media and tech sectors

Leveraging existing research, Open MIC works to understand issues ranging from government surveillance to internet access to workforce diversity.

We engage investors who share the values of a more open and democratic media and tech landscape

We talk with shareholders about why these issues matter while identifying strategies to make investor voices heard by company leadership.

We support shareholders in efforts to change corporate practices on the issues that matter

Joining with shareholders, we work to engage companies around how their policies and practices impact these issues. This plays out in various ways:

  1. We reach agreements with companies about how they can change, and ensure that companies implement those changes.
  2. We file comments with government agencies and Congress to pursue policy change.
  3. We file proposals to be voted on at annual shareholder meetings that pressure company leadership to make change.