22 Public Interest Groups Urge the FCC to Block the Charter-Time Warner Cable Merger

WASHINGTON — Twenty-two public interest organizations have sent a letter urging the Federal Communications Commission to deny Charter’s bid to take over Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks. Late last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler may be planning to circulate a draft order approving the $90 billion merger.

"We are dismayed by rumors and reports that the FCC is considering an order to approve this disastrous deal, "the letter said. "The case is clear, and the popular outcry is growing. This merger serves no one but the companies backing it and should be blocked."

One signer of the letter was Open MIC, which last October joined a petition to the Federal Communications Commission asking the agency to deny the merger of Charter with Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks as proposed unless a broad set of concerns are thoroughly addressed.

The full letter is available here.