POLITICO Covers Google shareholder revolts over ‘Project Dragonfly’

An institutional shareholder in Google is calling on the tech giant to disclose information about the risks associated with a controversial Chinese search engine product, "Project Dragonfly," that has drawn criticism from lawmakers and activists.

Azzad Asset Management, a socially responsible investment firm, on Monday filed a shareholder petition asking Google's parent company, Alphabet Inc., to evaluate the potential impact on investors if Google developed a censored search engine in China and to publish a report on its findings by Oct. 30, 2019

“When this issue was brought to our attention, it immediately raised concerns," said Joshua Brockwell, director of investment communications at Azzad, about Google's Project Dragonfly.

He added that Azzad worked on the Alphabet proposal in collaboration with Open MIC, a nonprofit advocacy group that supports shareholder efforts to change corporate practices at media and technology companies.

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